Managed Accounts

95% of novice traders end up losing  money while the other 5% become successful after following a long and arduous learning curve involving risk management. This is why, if you don’t have either the time or experience to trade, but still want to be involved in Forex, then you can via a Managed Forex Account.

 New technology has made Managed Forex Accounts possible, as portfolio managers can now electronically send their exact trades directly to a client’s personal trading account. The actual MAM/PAMM software connects your account to a Portfolio manager’s master account under the same

This kind of Forex investment is not only safe, secure and transparent but also profitable as client retain total control of their within their personal account.



The Master Trader or Portfolio Manager aims between 3-8% capital growth per month   with very controlled risk and fees are only charged on the basis of positive results. This means that clients and investors only pay these fees if profits are made each month. If it is a negative month then there are no fees that month and it is based on a high watermark. 

Achieve growth of your portfolio that equities and fixed income investments cannot provide. Enjoy a secure account with funds in your name and 24 h access, administrated by a regulated firm.

With a minimum deposit of $20,000.- benefit from our balanced approach to leverage and risk control as our traders offset long and short positions in currency pairs. 

  • Experienced investment professionals who will actively manage your money.
  • A portfolio that operates at a level of risk consistent with your investor profile.
  • A team of highly-skilled analyst who carry out investment research on your behalf.
  • A dedicated account manager monitoring your account.

For more information on our managed accounts, contact one of our experienced consultants for assistance:+44 (0)20 3477 8070